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This Tony-winning rags-to-riches story is just too good to be true!

My Space: Jersey Boys Tour Headliner Brad Weinstock Shows Off an Appliance Named Barry & a Furry Mascot

Brad Weinstock
'With these items, I'm never bored backstage.'

As the golden-voiced Frankie Valli in the national tour of Jersey Boys, Brad Weinstock leads the Four Seasons in over 30 of the group’s hit songs eight times a week. A vocalist of this caliber has to have some tricks up his sleeve. Weinstock invited Broadway.com to his dressing room to get the lowdown on how he keeps his pipes lubricated and his attention focused.

“Meet Barry, my beloved humidifier. I bought Barry when I was in the Las Vegas company of Jersey Boys and felt he needed a Vegas-centric name. So, I named him after Barry Manilow.”

“If I'm not drinking water, I'm probably pulling my tongue with a paper towel while vocalizing. It sounds bizarre, but this is a tried and true technique for keeping in good vocal health and free of tension.”

“I am never without these items: a crossword, a book, an issue of Entertainment Weekly and a rental from Netflix. With these items, I'm never bored backstage.”

“This is my hydration station. Doing Frankie Valli's iconic falsetto justice every night requires lots of sleep and hydration. I spend much of the show and the day leading up to it drinking water, tea, coconut water and Emergen-C. It never ends.”

“Say hello to the ‘Beggin' Ewe,’ the unofficial Jersey Boys mascot. This was Jason Kappus' (Bob Gaudio) opening night gift to the cast. He's a notorious punster. Note his take on other songs in our show: ‘Can't Take My Eyes Off of Ewe,’ ‘Who Loves Ewe.’"

See Weinstock and the rest of the Four Seasons in Jersey Boys, which plays the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts through September 23.

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