The Lion King - National Tour

Experience the circle of life as Disney’s beloved film comes to eye-popping life onstage.

Why Playing the Villainous Scar in The Lion King is a Dream for Patrick R. Brown

Patrick R. Brown, who plays Scar in the national tour of The Lion King, says the role is an "actor's dream." The blockbuster musical opens at Pittsburgh’s Benedum Center for the Performing Arts on September 3. 

“As an actor, I love the challenge of keeping Scar real,” Brown says. “To play a Disney villain is to live life on a grand scale, but it's rare that any villain is born purely evil. I love the challenge of trying to give the audience some clues as to how Scar became the bad lion that he is.”

Despite his character's evil side, Brown says he finds elements in himself to make the character relatable. “We both have a dry, sometimes caustic wit. We are both prone to heavy use of sarcasm and can both sometimes be quick to judge and slow to forgive. I throw a temper tantrum, beg, tease, insult, blackmail, demand, plead for my life and then get a spectacular death scene. It’s kind of an actor's dream.”

Brown is joined on stage by Jelani Remy as Simba, L. Stephen Taylor as Mufasa, Tshidi Manye as Rafiki, Nia Holloway as Nala, Andrew Gorell as Zazu, Ben Lipitz as Pumbaa and Nick Cordileone as Timon. Based on the beloved Disney animated film, The Lion King tells the story of Simba and his journey to find his place in the "Circle of Life."

“We all struggle to figure out where we belong and how we fit in,” Brown says of the message of The Lion King, which plays through September 29. “Often a part of that struggle is figuring out who we are and coming to terms with that.”

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